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LP7.2.3 + 10.4.9 + Battery3, IK Plugins - AU val. problems?


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Please forgive if this isn't the proper forum... I'm still learning my way around.

David, feel free to move this where it belongs if this isn't the place.


I am using LP 7.2.3 with 10.4.9 successfully, with my 3rd party plugins NOT giving me problems... Dimension Pro, Rapture, Stylus RMX.


However, I recently purchased the following:

IK SonikSynth 2

IK SampleTank 2.2XL

IK Miroslav Philharmonic

NI Battery 3


I'm curious if anyone has had any problems, or may have any suggestions, with those in LP and OS 10.4.9.


Thanks in advance...

- zevo

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