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Logic Pro X: Pro. Music Production Book...


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I'm going through the book but if come upon a problem at page 129 where it says:


"In the Audio Track Editor, place the mouse pointer at the lower left of the wave region until it turns into the Resize tool."


Well, it turns into the 'Marquee' tool and not the 'Resize' tool. Do I have a setting wrong? I can't figure this out just yet.


Any help would be great...



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I figured it out around 10 minutes after this post.


The book said, "...the lower left of the wave region". I had to go ALL THE WAY to the left to the beginning of the wave region, then it changed into a resize tool. I guess when they say 'Resize' within the Audio Editor, it means your resizing the WHOLE region from the extreme left side or the extreme right side. I was mistakenly trying to do it from just left of center.


Thank you for your help Eric!

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