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Logic 9.1.8 crash if I click outside the app


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Hi, first post here. Hope somebody can help, I'm desperate....


A Logic session is crashing everytime I click outside the application. It doesn't matter where I click as long as it is outside Logic in another app or the finder itself. I was using Snow Leopard when it started happening and today I just changed to Maverick to see if it could solve the problem, but the problem is still there.


This specific sessions isn't different from others, some Kontakt instruments, some plugins (native and UAD), some audio files. The usual thing. I suspected it had something to do with the RAM management, but my Mac Pro is charged with 24 RAM. I've also tried to have the Kontakt Memory server on and off, but nothing changes. It keeps on crashing whenever I click outside Logic....


I would really appreciate if somebody can help on this. I've been trying to find a solution for a week, but without success...


My system is a Mac Pro 6 core 3.33Ghz, OSX 10.9.2, Logic 9.1.8, all running 64 bit.


Thanks in advance,


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Hi again. i've tried all kind of things:


- Delete preferences.

- Clean reinstallation of Logic 9 then update to 9.1.8

- Start a new project and import.

- Install Logic X (here it gets a little bit better, but still crashes often).


I've haven't found what is exactly causing the problem, but I'm suspicious it has to do with all or some of these:


- Kontakt 5

- East West Play

- Flextime (many times the problem begins when I do some kind of flexi time editing).

- User Apple Loops (at times it all begins when I transform an audio file into an apple loop).


I can see when the project gets corrupted because suddenly (often after a felitime or apple loop edit), logic doesn't respond (colour ball) and a few seconds later kontakt and play instruments reload all patches while logic still freezed. after this I can go on working as long as I don't click outside the app. When this happens the project isn't healthy anymore....


It's absolutely desperating... Hope somebody has similar problem and has found a solution for this....

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Kontakt is a CPU hog. So try to avoid many instances of it. Same goes for East West.


With flex time, once you like what you hear do a bounce in place of the flexed material to free up memory resources.


Also, try reducing the Undo Steps in Logic's preferences. Default is 30. Try maybe 5 and see if it changes.


Avoid lots of regions, try merging some.

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