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Odd behavior (?) after Drummer Convert to MIDI [SOLVED]


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I’m working on a MIDI drum performance that began as a Drummer track, so… After getting a nice Drummer track, I did Convert to MIDI Region to do some finer tweaking.


In the Piano Roll most of the hi-hat notes —which sound CLOSED— fall on A#2, typically used as the OPEN hi-hat location.


Here’s where I seem to be running into weirdness: If I play the A#2 on the piano keyboard to the left of of the editor window I get an OPEN hi-hat sound, but if I play any of the notes on the grid at the same A#2 position they all sound CLOSED (and nothing I do is achieving the OPEN hi-hat sound).


Messing with the note lengths and velocity values does nothing.


Any ideas about what might be happening?


EDIT: The second half of my drum track has not yet been converted (and is still a Drummer track). Might this have something to do with the unexpected behavior?



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"Timely" is right! Wow! And that's why I included a bit of the Event List, I thought there might be something I wasn't seeing (I just didn't know there was still more info I wasn't seeing).


Big big thanks, man, for coming through with that obscure solution!

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