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Recording Audio from External MIDI Inst - LP 9


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Summary of topic:

For project intended for CD, mp3, etc. release (as opposed to live performance) do I need to manually record the audio from an external instrument, triggered via MIDI, from an External Instrument track?



External Instrument: Roland D-10, circa 1988, multi-timbral LA synth. Think of it as the baby brother of the more widely-known D-50.


I'm a rank newbie for external MIDI. I understand how to do many things using MIDI on a Software Instrument track, but am confused on several fronts. I'm hoping I'm missing something here and not being as dense as I sound. :)


1. I've looked at the LP 9 Manual until my head is swimming. All this external MIDI stuff is so compartmentalized that I'm having trouble finding topics and discussion.

2. I've made my external MIDI track play notes on my ancient Roland D-10 synth.

3. I've successfully altered which patch plays in the D-10 as I set up the track.

4. I do not see a graphic representing 16 channels for my D-10 as shown in the LP manual. I assume my synth is just too old.



1. My track does trigger sound from the D-10. Am I missing something or do I now need to record the audio output from the synth (via DI, mic amp, etc.) onto one or more LP audio tracks? In other words, I presume there is no way to get the synth sound permanently into LP without recording it as audio.

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