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Launchkey 61 Kbd not recognised by Logic Pro X


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I followed the instructions to connect my Launchkey 61 to Logic by going to

Preferences → Control Surfaces → Setup, then:

New → Install.

I selected Mackie Design HUI HUI and clicked "ADD"

Problem is the Launchkey InControl does not appear in the Input or Output Port pull-down menus.

So, when I load a software Instrument into a track, I cannot play that sound from the keyboard.

I only have basic knowledge of Logic & Launchkey and only use the kbd for note input.


Any ideas why Logic does not want to recognize the keyboard?





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Does the Launchkey show up in Audio Midi Setup? Do the Launchkey keys/pads transmit MIDI to Logic?


Did you select the HUI Icon on the right side of the Control Surface Setup?


In Control Surface Setup, make sure the Launchkey is set to 'Launchkey InControl" for both Input and Output Ports at the top.



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Hello there,


I have nearly the same problem with launchkey and Logic Pro (x)



its pretty simple. My logic (german language) can't install Mackie Design HUI HUI because it is 'technical impossible'. So I clicked on manual installation and now this appears. 2044964368_Bildschirmfoto2014-10-29um14_12_47.thumb.png.2c0316f06b1f74dd7a44f857f09d3747.png


there is no possibility to chance the in or output to Incontrol.

and something is strange. at the top is something with ipad, and this is not changeable.


Any help?

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okay update: I helped myself but have to come up with another problem now.


I need to delete the Mackie HUI HUI because I did a wrong installation with it. when I press ctrl and click on the HUI icon and press delete, nothing happens. now the question: How do I delete a controlling surface??

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I'm trying to get my Launchkey 61 to work with Logic 10.1 as a control surface but not having much luck. I have added the Mackie HUI HUI Control Surface. But I can only choose the InControl under the Output not the Input option.


The transport buttons work. But not the faders and rotary knobs.


Also when I click on the previous and next MIDI instrument track it opens and closes the automation lane.


Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks,

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