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Logic Score/markers and XML export?


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Can anyone tell if I can get my MARKERS from the arrange into the score and have that go out with the XML export so when I open in Finale my sections will be marked with Intro/Verse 1/ PreChorus. I purchased Peter's video which is great but did not see that in there so not sure if this is even doable?




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I doubt it - combining Markers with Rehearsal Letters as a global setting is one of the features I have been banging on about each time there is a discussion of Score Editor improvements.


It would be incredibly useful to have a globally embedded Marker in every page of a Score/Part - e.g. you make a Marker in the Arrange window - call it letter A - and that appears at the exact equivalent bar number immediately on every Score or Part.


Also that you could navigate in the Score Editor from Marker to Marker ( Rehearsal Letter) by using Key Command Move to Next Marker, Move to Previous Marker

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