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Need Help!!! Imported audio clip cuts out!!


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I've been laying down some tracks for a song, and received a separate audio recording from someone else to throw in. Playing it through iTunes or Quicktime Player it sounds great, but when I import it into Logic, there's a clipped out part of the region that has no audio! It only lasts for maybe a few milliseconds but it's definitely noticeable. It's not an issue with my hardware, a part of the region actually gets thrown out with no audible sound for a fraction of a second. I can't seem to fix this and have tried so many different things. Anybody know what's up? Thanks!



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Hi Stephen and welcome to the forums.

I believe you are using OS X 10.9.2? If that's correct you are probably experiencing this bug:


Logic Pro Help • View topic - Silent gaps in audio imported into Logic Pro X


Click this link to your signature and add your system information:

• Logic version and sub-version (e.g. Logic 10.0.6)

• OS X version and sub-version (e.g. OS 10.9.2)

• Computer (e.g. MacBook, Mac Pro, iMac)

• Processor (e.g. 2.2 GHz Intel i7)

• Memory (e.g. 8GB)

• Audio interface manufacturer and model (e.g. RME Babyface)


(most of that information can be found by choosing Logic Pro X > About Logic Pro X, and  > About This Mac)

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