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Velocity button for midi notes disappeared


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So I was working on my track and next thing I knew my drum machine no longer had a velocity slider for the midi notes. I am new to Logic and could easily have derped and done something. All this happens right when I find a part in my drums where the velocity is bugging me :? . Any ideas?
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It's hard to determine exactly what makes the velocity slider disappear from the Piano Roll inspector, but I've seen that happen several times. At some point I thought it had to do with a minimum height of the Piano Roll before the velocity slider appears? But I proved myself wrong when one time I tried to make the Piano Roll taller, hoping to make the velocity slider reappear, but it never did. Then I gave up and started making the Piano Roll smaller again, and at that point the velocity slider appeared.


FWIW I prefer to hold down Control-Command as I drag a note vertically.

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