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Way to maintain plugins on a multi-out channel strip?


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Hey all,


So let's say I've loaded a multi-out Battery channel strip. I've routed all my samples to the correct outputs and that's all fine.


On my main Battery channel strip I have a compressor, EQ and some other things including gain plugins.


When I open up the multi outputs those plugins won't carry over (and rightly so - I'm sure Logic developers are presuming the user doesn't always want the same plugins on each multi out).


But is there a shortcut so load all my plugins each time I hit the plus button for a new multi out? I don't want to have to keep loading them and loading up buses each time.


Thanks in advance!

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Ah yes I know about those already, thanks.


But I mean, I might have specific settings on my plugins like a low cut on my Fab Filter and I want each new channel strip to load up my collection of plugins at the same time at once rather than having to highlight all the channel strips then add those plugins but without the settings.


Do you see what I mean?

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