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Automation Bug

Ed Alton

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When automating Mute on/off or plugin on/off or certain other plugin parameters. The actual action of automation happens almost 1 sec before the visual written action. If I program automation to mute a track at the downbeat of bar 5 and unmute at the downbeat of bar7, and the visual written automation reflects those actions, the ACTUAL mute action will happen almost 1 sec BEFORE the downbeat of bar 5 and the unmute action will happen 1 sec BEFORE the downbeat of bar7. So the actions are happening before the written visual automation. It doesn’t happen on all parameters, vol & pan automation seems to work.


Logic X 10.0.6

Mac OS 10.9.2


Anybody else experience this or have a solution? I did report it to Apple.

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Yes, Preferences set for Sample Accurate Automation for all parameters. No plugins. Happens on some other plugin parameters too, like in the Tape Delay. Very weird. I never had any issues with Logic 7 which I just upgraded from. Automation in Logic 7 always dead on.

What's odd is that the action; mute on/off, plugin bypass on/off, is happening almost 1 sec BEFORE the written automation, not after. So it's premature automation as opposed to latency automation.

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