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3 problems.


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1.- I add a software instrument track. I load my Steven Slate drums plugin and record perfectly using my electronic yamaha drum set. I save the project. When I close the project, the next time I open it, my previously recorded drums will sound right, but I will not be able to trigger them from the drums or any other midi source. I want to record another take but cannot trigger the software instrument...


Why does this happen? What am I doing wrong?


2.- I want to change the tempo of the song, since I am recording over someone else's music. But when I change the tempo, also the speed of the music changes. I just want to change the tempo map in order to be able to quantize and else. How do I properly do this without altering the speed of music?


3.- I record a guitar track made of two different parts which I record in 2 different takes in the same audio track. When I join both takes in a comp, the moment when the music switches from one take to the other the music of the previous take stops and the new one starts abruptly. How can I make a soft transition between the two parts? (basically that they both sound at the same time during the transition)



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