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return to playback position after record


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If I'm just playing something, playback returns to the spot that I selected -- however, I can't figure out how to have the playhead return to that spot after I record something. Say I'm taking passes at something -- after I record playback always starts where I stopped recording.


Is this clear? Can someone help me out?



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There are a few options to solve this properly:


Solution 1) In Logic Pro > Key Commands, the command "Play or Stop" is set to SPACE, which means that the space bar stops playback or recording, then when you press it again it plays from were you just stopped. If you are reading this thread then, like me you probably find that annoying. Thankfully there is another command called "Play or Stop and Go to Last Locate Position", which by default has no keyboard shortcut, but you can set your own shortcut to it - either with a new one or just with good old spacebar and replace the existing key command. Problem solved!


Solution 2) Another option is to right click on the stop/return to start button and tick "stop and go to last locate position". Now you can either buy a numpad keyboard and use the numpad 0 to stop playback instead of just hitting space (if you are using the numpad it makes sense to use numpad "enter" to play, numpad "." to pause and numpad "0" to stop (and return to last locate position)), or you can reassign the keyboard commands to something that doesn't require a numpad.

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