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Track Stacks and Multitimbral and Battery


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Hey guys,


Quick Q about Track Stacks in Logic Pro X:


I want to emulate how Logic Pro X sets up the multi output drum kits in Drum Kit Designer with Battery. As of right now I've done the following:


1. Created a multi timbral software instrument

2. Created a summing track stack of the Multi Timbral tracks

3. Loaded a multi output version of Battery

4. Created separate auxs in the mixer window, making sure each aux outputs to the bus of the summing track in the track stack

5. Routed specific cells within Battery to specific outs


It's working out but anytime I trigger a cell in Battery that's routed to a direct out, audio shows up on all the meters in the track stack in the window where the track stack is held (never remember the name, is this the arrange window?) as opposed to just the aux it's routed to. However this is not the case in the mixer window as cells only show up to their appropriate outs.


Any insight on how to fix this?


Also would this approach work with Kontakt? I don't think it would be as useful as I typically put multiple instruments in a single instance of Kontakt to save CPU. My logic with Battery is to treat it as a single kit and emulate the producer kits in Logic Pro X.


Would love any help with this. Thanks guys!

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1. Created a multi timbral software instrument

2. Created a summing track stack of the Multi Timbral tracks

Battery is a multi-output instrument, but not a multi-timbral instrument. Try this:


Create a normal software instrument track, instantiate a multi-out Battery. Create the multi-output Auxes in the Mixer, select them all, control-click one of them and choose create tracks. In the Tracks area, select the original instrument track along with the Auxes and create your track stack.

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Amazing this works great thank you David. Another couple quickies on this topic:


1. Is there a way to save the output routing for Battery to make it consistent with every kit you load? Would love to have a user track stack saved with the routing ready to go so I wouldn't have to through everything and assign it every time a load a kit.


2. Is there anyway use Track Stacks with Kontakt can be advantageous, assuming you're using the same kind of instrument out of a sing instance of Kontakt, like a horn section for example? Would this be where a folder track stack could be helpful?


3. Would this concept for Battery work the same with Miroslav Phihamonic? Like I wanted to take all the horns out of there and have them sum to single 2 track?


Thanks again!

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