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Logic Pro X all of a sudden can't detect input from M-Audio


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I was recording guitars when I had to step away for a while. I closed the lid on my MBP and left. When I came back, all of a sudden, Logic can't detect any inputs coming from my USB interface. I have tried everything from rebooting, switching to the other input on my interface, updating drivers, but nothing seems to work. What's worse is whenever I start Logic with my interface plugged in, Logic gets stuck at Checking MIDI Drivers. If I unplug my interface, Logic would start fine, but if I plug my interface back, Logic won't detect it.


I am using the M-Audio's input while I am using the Built-In Output on the MBP (I don't have monitor speakers). It was working fine before.


I am able to record guitars if I choose the MobilePre as BOTH input and output. I am not able to hear it however because I don't have line outputs > monitor speakers.I know that it is working because I am able to track guitars and can see the waveform.


However, If I switch my output to the Built-In Output (so I can use my PC speakers plugged into my Mac's headphone jack), then all of a sudden, Logic can't detect any signal coming from the MobilePre. I click on R and I but there is absolutely no signal coming into Logic.


I am using a Mid-2012 MBP 15" on OSX Mountain Lion and an M-Audio MobilePre MKII USB interface.

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