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Roland A PRO not writing fader automation


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I have a Roland A800 PRO and I have fader 2 setup to CC 7 so that it control the fader of the active track in Logic X. Everything works fine except automation. I am able to control the fader in Logic with the Roland fader but whether I select Latch, Touch or Write it doesn't write any automation. Can some please tell me how to set things up so I can use one of the faders on my controller to write automation on to the selected track in Logic X?
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Hi radicalgel.


Logic will respond to two different kinds of automation.

One is "track automation" and the second is "MIDI draw" (region based automation).


Touch/Latch (don't use Write) is for entering track automation.

This is what I suggest:

  • Change your fader 2 to something else than CC7 so that it won't collide with Volume on the Logic channel strip fader. This is not necessary but it may spare you some headaches later on.
  • Choose Mix > Enable Automation Quick Access.
  • Click Assign and slowly move the hardware fader up and down. Make sure that it’s moved through its entire range.
  • Click the Done button below the Off/On buttons in the Automation Quick Access section.

Now this fader will control the visible automation on the selected track.

Set your track to latch and automate away.

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