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Roland TR-8 MIDI Sync as Slave in Logic?


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Hi guys!

so i'm fairly new to drum machines, and recently received my tr-8, the new one from roland.

I was planning to make it play next to all my other channels in logic, but when i connect the MIDI cable from my

interface MIDI out ---> TR-8 MIDI In, nothing really happens... I can get the the sound out of the TR-8 into logic all right,

i've got 2 inputs which I used to receive a stereo sound signal in an audio channel in logic, but I really want to get this thing synced..

In the manual they say that when connected by MIDI cables, the Tr-8 would automatically:

-switch to the bpm of the logic project

-start whenever logic playback is triggered


but it does none of this! My interface is a Focusrie Saffire Pro 24, if that might help.


Hopefully some of you guys can help me, would be much appreciated!




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