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Sharing a session on two instances of LogicPro


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Hi All


I am wondering if there's a way for me and a mate who both have versions of Logic Pro (I have 9, he has X) to work collaboratively on the same project on our Mac's?


I appreciate we can share the file on the cloud et al wen we are working at our own home based studios, but he often comes to mine and sets up his kit etc here. Is there a way we could both access and work on the same project somehow?


I appreciate it causes file-read/write and record locking problems etc, but it would be great if this could be accomplished.


Any ideas?

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Yes, you would, provided all the third-party instruments/plugins you happen to be using in a project are identical too, of course. I routinely share my projects between different computers, works like a charm.

Thanks for this whitebalance... but would we be able to work on the same project at the same time? (give read/write constraints of course)

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