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Clicking sound when using scissors tool with flex pitch


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I am using flex pitch on vocals and having a problem when I have to divide a note using the scissors. (I had to use a work around to divide the note with the scissors tool in the first place...seems to be a problem when the project was started in Logic 9 and transferred to Logic X? The workaround I used was to cut the note in the arrange area.)

So the problem is that any place I have cut a note, there is a very noticeable click sound. I haven't been using Logic long (a few months) so this may be obvious to others but I appreciate any help!


I have a MacBook Pro, version 10.9.2

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Thanks Eric, I watched that video and it did help. I ended up creating a new track for audio, rather than a duplicate track (so I must have been duplicating an audio track that was originally created in Logic 9?) and then I cut and pasted my vocals into the new audio track. Then I could use the scissors tool in the flex pitch window (but only when flex pitch is turned off!) and then turn flex pitch back on, and there was no longer a clicking sound where I cut it. Any noticeable jumps in sound are from me manipulating the wave form too much.
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