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New to logic. Help making a midi track.


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Hi there.


I've just installed Logic Pro 7.2 and am just finding my way around it. Is there any simple online tutorials that are any good?


This topic is specifically to find out how you can write a midi track. At the moment i'm just working my way around the menu's etc. I can insert a new midi track, i can add a midi region such as drums but when I add notes in the score section nothing happens. No sound comes out and it seems to be routing correctly got volume etc etc . . .


any suggestion?





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MIDI Tracks are designed to control an external hardware MIDI synth or tone generator. If you want to use the Logic built-in sounds, use an Audio Instrument track (Track > Create Multiple), and use a Channel Strip Setting (click on the label "Inserts", at the top of the Inserts section on the channel strip).
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