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Note overlap correction ONLY for notes on the same beat?


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I often improvise and stack piano performances. Sometimes two performances will have some of the same notes falling on the same beat. I'd like to get rid of these. I don't want to get rid of all overlapping notes because if a note is held and the sustain pedal is held then it usually wont be an issue sound wise (and for this reason I feel that note overlap correction is not an option). But if another note is played on top of another on the same beat then it will often be an issue as overlapping notes on the same beat will cause note cut outs or phasing.


The way I'm currently dealing with this is I am coloring each midi region a different color and then viewing the piano roll by region colors.


The issue with this is it is very often that a held note on one region is covering the same note on another region.


I would like to come up with a simple method for addressing this without having to go through the entire performance and option arrowing each note to see if there is a duplicate hidden underneath. With drums these are usually easy to find due to the phasing but with piano when it's buried in a chord it is much more difficult to find.


Obviously if there was a visual indicator that there was an actual duplicate that would be the easiest method. I'm not sure if logic offers this feature. Maybe note overlap would work if you could define the range of overlaps in ticks to the same beat.


Here's are 2 quick videos showing my current methodologies.




Maybe somebody can make a suggestion as to a more productive method for approaching this issue.



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