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EXS - Envelope offset (attack) for release samples?

camillo jr

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I'm experimenting with using release notes in a stock EXS oboe instrument. I've got the "stac_f" sample group to work as a release group. I've trimmed them all in the sample editor (non-destructive edits) so that only the reverb part of the sample is left.


Now my only problem is, after trimming all the samples in that group, I'm hearing a small click at the start of the release sample when I release the key. Any way around that? Normally you can make envelope offsets to groups triggered by Key Down but is seems this is not possible with a Key release? Is there any other way, without doing destructive fades to the start of the samples?


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Hi Camillo,


You really shouldn't be messing around with the EXS editor without parental supervision.

Don't worry, I have to wait till they've gone out for their movie night so I don't get in there very often. :wink: However, they've given me full permission to explore the ES2 Matrix, on the supposition that I can't do much harm to the ES2's raw waveforms table.




Right. So... AFAIA, release samples aren't subject to envelope settings. So make sure you've trimmed the samples to a zero (or near zero) crossing point to try and avoid the clicking.


As for the zero crossings; it's a stereo file with different zero crossings on each side, or so it appears. I gave it a shot but it is what it is and without those envelop offsets, I'm just gonna leave out the release samples on this one. So, another feature request for the "Next Generation EXS 24 sampler" that will run alongside the old sampler, be able to play all it's instruments just like before but be more powerful.... more matrix slots, envelopes per group, better editor, etc, etc. And more Logical!

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Yes, ES2 is suitable for children. It says so on the box. Well, when there USED to be a box for all this stuff. Anyhoo... ;)


With some Scripting trickery* you could get your release samples to trigger AND have them play enveloped as well. Lemme know if you'd be interested in that...


*formerly environment trickery

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