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How to Recover a Deleted Project?

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Hi guys!


So I was cleaning my Desktop and accidentally deleted the whole file of one of my songs.


I already tried the Data Rescue 3, but I don't think I can recover Logic Pro X with it.


Is there any other recovering tool that I can use? If so, how to rebuild the project after it is recovered ?

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There's not much you can do. You can try professional data recovery services. The good ones will cost you north of $1,000 and you still probably won't end up with useable files anyway. If you're interested in those services, the very first thing you should do (or have done) is turn the Mac off, unplug its power cable, and never use it again until they have a chance to work on your hard drive. Every second that the Mac is on, it will write/erase data on its hard drive.
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Hey David!


So luckily I had on my External Drive also! (and I also deleted it)

I was able to locate the data from the file with Data Rescue 3! But I cant rebuild it in a way Logic X can read it again.

Further on my research I found the Mac Data Recovery Guru, and some guy on the review says that it can recover Logic files,




But I want to make sure first before buying it!


The bottom line is, the date is there, I just need to find a way to rebuild in a way that I will be able to re-open it!

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