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Sharing Session files that have only Kontakt 5 and battery 4

Collin Scudder

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How do you share a logic project that only has Kontakt 5 and Battery 4 sounds in it.


no stock logic engines are being used in the project used such as Ex24 samplers or ES2 synth ect.


I’m trying to send a simple music cue that has no bus work or aux, its very minimal but I’ve gotten caught up!

-i would like to know what actions and steps to i take to send this projects

any suggestions or help is much appreciated!


fyi,the recipient of my project has all the appropriate software to open and use, for example he has logic pro and native instruments


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If the recipient has the same version plugins and the same sample libraries, then he should simply be able to open and play it as you are able to open and play it.

Any tracks with plugins or sounds he doesn't have, you should bounce-in-place (audio). He could still load a similar sound in the instrument so he can at least access the MIDI.

Save the project as a package (folder is also OK), .zip it and send it.

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