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Reflective reverb like this soundclip

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Hey this question is two fold.


Please listen to the first thirty seconds of this video track.




First 20 seconds.

1) The top left and right segments are recreations of guitar sounds. How did he get it to sound creamy? its welcoming to the ears.. theres a slight reverb


then from 20 seconds to 30 seconds

2) The first two lines, you can hear a reflective reverb. I have logic pro x, how is he getting that reflective reverb, listening carefully you can hear it reflects from each ear atleast 4 times.. and then for a second or so.. it really sounds great.


How can i achieve this? I tried messing around with similar vocals I have with the space reverb plugin and the silververb plugin in logic and I'm not able to reproduce these effects.


Can someone please take me through how this is being done so that I too can recreate the same effect on my logic setup.

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Sound 1:


Part of the creamyness is how he eqs and compresses the "guitar" sound. It's not super bright and he's got a medium room sound around the edges of the guitar.


Sound 2:


He's got a combo of delay and reverb on the voice. In this case he's using a stereo delay with the speed of the delay set to eighth notes and the feedback set so that one side feeds the other so you get richocheting echos.


The vocal reverb is a larger reverb than what he uses on the guitars. The delay may be separate or it may also be feeding into the reverb via a send on the delay aux.


Logic's Stereo Delay would be a good candidate here for the delay duties and Space Designer for the vocal reverb, possibly loaded up with a medium large-to-large sized Plate reverb.

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