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Session too big - how to clean up?


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Hello -


A question about space .. well that sounds very philosophical but you know what I mean.


My friend & i have been working on some sessions for a long time, and they're all now very full and very often won't let us save new sessions. So we often have to go through the process of Force Quit Logic, load up again, bypass a few plugins, delete a few tracks and try and save a new session again, waiting to see if the project will crash!


I know there's an option to delete unused audio files, but I'm presuming this deletes them from the actual project folder, whereas we'd love to be able to keep all the unused files somewhere - the ones that aren't currently in our arrange page - in case we want to go back to any of them.


I know there's also the option of "Save A Copy As", where it saves a new session in a new project folder and only copies across files that we're currently using, but we've done this on some of the sessions before and they've still ended up getting really full again quickly.


It might be that our sessions are just too big and we'll have to just delete files and go to a backup drive if we want to retrieve any old audio, but I just wanted to check there wasn't a simpler way to do this.


I guess basically what I'm asking - is there a way for Logic to keep all unused audio files but only draw memory from the ones currently in the Arrange page.


Many thanks ye all!


X Fyfe



Oh, i should add, the spec details below are my mac, but the sessions I'm talking about are on his computer. His details are


Logic 9

Mac OS 10.5.8

Mac Pro

2.66 GHZ Quad Core Intel Xeon

6 GB Ram

RME Soundcard

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The OP mentioned they'd want to keep the unused audio. In this scenario it's still perfectly retrievable from trash in the Finder though.


OTOH, I'm not sure unused audio (which by definition has no associated regions in the arrange area) uses any of Logic's resources. Perhaps got to seek the problem elsewhere? How about checking stuff like how many regions you actually have in your project, how many Undo steps and stuff like that (unfortunately, I don't remember how to get this info in Logic 9, in LPX it's Project Information, assignable in Key Commands).

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