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Memory management


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I'm working with some larger groups of instruments these days and have brought my ram up to 32 gigs. I noticed this before but it's more pronounced now. When I open a project, the amount of free ram goes down to about 8 gigs. I keep a utility program called memory clean that shows the amount of memory and can free up ram. I use it once or twice, and the amount of free ram goes up to about 18 gigs. And the project plays and works perfectly.


Is there some way to better manage memory within logic so I don't have to do this every time I open the project/and have to use a third party app as well? Or is Logic's memory handling just pretty bad, as I;ve heard some say? :cry:



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I did, yes. From what I've been hearing it would have been better to stay with Mountain Lion till they got a lot of these problems with audio ironed out. Nothing to be done in LPX to help with this do you think?



Mavericks has an unpredictable way of managing memory that really changes from setup to setup. Not very consistent.

All kinds of experiences on this forum.


Personally I don't find Mavericks snappier than Snow Leopard.


Did you update to 10.9.2?

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There are so many of these kinds of things I'm always fighting. Always. Selected notes not playing in the piano roll, controller data disappearing and reappearing. Inconsistently and then these things will stop happening, then something else will start happening. I've been thinkng about trying out another daw. I'm doing more work for hire these days and it's getting in the way. I love the workflow but I m wanting to see if another daw presents me with ql itchy behavior as well, you know if this kind of thing is just the nature of the beast. I used to use Performer way back when, before it was digital performer, and I don't remember it being this glitchy.


Nah, there are some quirks with Logic X and Mavericks that drive me crazy. Nothing I can do.


Like play from last location is not consistent at all, drives me nuts. Zooming with the keyboard not consistent either, a pain.

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Good luck with it, fingers crossed! Let us know how it goes if you can.


Each software has their own set of annoyances. DP is at version 8 right now and it also runs on Windows. Who knows what kind of quirks they have.


I just did a fresh install of Mountain Lion to see if it's more forgiving than Mavericks.

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