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Trouble recording a guitar track


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OK Techie stuff first.

Macbook Air, 2013 8Gb RAM, 512GB SSD, OS-X Mavericks

M-Audio Fast Track, Shure PG58 and PG57 Mics

Yamaha Acoustic guitar with jack to DI, Fender Baja Telecaster, Aria SB900 Bass, Yamaha DGX650 piano.


The problem.

Don't seem to be able to record a guitar track any more. Have done in the past, but was using a Macbook pro and Mountain Lion. Haven't done any recording since getting this new machine.


If I set up an Audio track I can record vocals and acoustic guitar via a mic. However, if I set up another caustic track and try to record by plugging the guitar into the Fast track, I get nothing. Tried creating a Guitar track - Same problem. So went out and bought an M-Audio M Track. Get the same situation. I can record from the mic but not from a guitar. Tried this with my bass and Fender, still nothing. At least - with the M-Track there's a tickle of sound but even with all the controls set up at Max I get nothing from DI on any guitar.


Even with the Mic though the volumes aren't really that good. They've got to be set fairly high.


Any help much appreciated.



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