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Unwanted Phase effect on vocal

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So I am bouncing the final mixes of about 25 songs that I have been working on for a while now. And as I was listening to them on multiple speakers and multiple headphones I noticed that through my iPhone 5s and my Macbook Pro, CERTAIN songs sound like the vocals have a phase effect on them or something. I use the Sample Delay plug-in on a lot of my vocals and I thought that might be the cause of it. But some songs with Sample Delay on the vocal don't come through sounding "phasey" on my MacBook & iPhone while other songs with Sample Delay do. So that was confusing me.


Plus it is only on my Macbook Pro and iphone that certain songs sound like that. If I am listening in my car, or on a surround sound speaker system, portable stereo aka boombox, ear-bud headphones, studio headphones, sound canceling headphones, it all sounds fine!! :D


Its basically just my Macbook Pro and iPhone that give me this "phased" effect on the vocal. It wouldn't bother me so much if Laptops and phones weren't how most people discovered new music these days but unfortunately those devices are where most new listeners will hear my material for the first time...I am open to any suggestions to fix the problem or even any explanations as to why this is happening??? :cry:

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Does the phasing sound like a modulation or static (as if there was a phaser that was stuck in one place)? If it's static then it could be a problem that comes from the sample delay (if you have one side slightly offset from the other to make it sound wider, then summing it to mono, like what happens on cheap phone speakers, could easily create that). Try taking off the sample delay and listening on your iPhone.
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