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Moving from Reaper to Logic X?

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Hi my current, and only DAW is Reaper. I know it very well and have been using it for 3 years. I'm getting my first mac soon. I have been thingking of switching to logic because i feel like it is more "professional" and will work as the optimal daw if i always have the latest logic update and OS.


I'm asking you that is familiar with Reaper AND Logic. What is the biggest argument to switch/ not switch? What is the main differences and things i need to remember? How is the workflow with path folders, organizing etc? If you put an item in the project, will it copy to the path folder? Can you make logic make the folder the project is in as the path folder automatically?



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I'm not familiar with Reaper at all, but switching DAWs always feels difficult and awkward at first, so if you do switch, don't be afraid if everything's totally different. From how I understand it, Logic has many more plug ins and synths built in, but if you already have lots of 3rd party plugs that's not a deal breaker. MIDI sequencing and automation are one of Logic's main strengths IMO, so if you're working with that kind of stuff its a bonus. Also, bussing in Logic is fantastic compared to the other DAWs I've worked with. If you have any friends with Logic you should ask them to try it. I personally love Logic and have chosen it over Ableton, Cubase, Pro Tools (completely hated it). To me it's just a really intuitive system.
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