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How to assign midi cc to a Channel Strip? [SOLVED]


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Can anyone explain to me how I could a fader from my hardware midi controller to control volume on a dedicated channel strip or Aux channel strip inside of Logic X?


I am trying to ditch my outboard mixer and I want to have a fader on one of my midi controllers to be permanently assigned to control volume of an audio track (no matter which track I currently have selected in the arrange window).


I write for film and TV and I want to have the audio level of the discrete channels of audio from the movie always controllable by a dedicated fader. I would like the same for the metronome Click also. I am trying to cable via the environment but I'm having trouble!




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Here's an example with controllers #108-#112 controlling four audio tracks and an aux. Wire from your controller's physical input to the monitor on the Click & Ports layer. On the Mixer layer, change the "data byte 1" condition on each of those transformers to match the controller number you want to use.


I didn't wire up the click, but it's the same principle - create a new transformer, connect it like the rest of them, and select the controller number you want to use.


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