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Logic suddenly downloading all kinds of stuff


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What has happened to my Logic? Suddenly, almost every time I open a song file, Logic needs to download some "additional content". Why? Why does it need to do it now, but not when I opened it a week ago?


This happens with random files, both very old and some of the most recent. Sometimes it asks about copying something, sometimes just about downloading. After downloading, it needs to install that something. It asks for the system password, I enter it, and it installs. After that it needs to index the Apple loops.


This whole thing lasts from 2 to 5 minutes. Sometimes I click "No" and rarely notice anything missing. Sometimes Logic gets stuck in a loop, asking and downloading and installing and indexing and asking again and downloading, installing, indexing, downloading... At least I think it's a loop, since I force quitted Logic after half an hour.


So what might be going on? Have I missed something or done something wrong?


Any ideas appreciated! :-)

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Yes, at least most of it. And I tried to do it again after this oddity started a week a ago. Apparently there were something (new?) that I hadn't installed, for one reason or another.


I installed the missing parts, which wasn't much. But the problem persists.


Anyway - why should it matter? If I hadn't installed some of the additional content, I wouldn't have been able to use them. Right? There shouldn't be any of the missing content in the song files, otherwise Logic would have mentioned this problem when I was first creating these files. How can I use something if it hasn't been installed in the first place?


And this is a problem with my earlier songs. Why would they need anything new, if they worked just fine weeks / months ago, when I opened the files last time? What is it that could have changed in between? I haven't installed anything new on my computer.

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Everything stays empty. No "checks", no "minuses".



By the way, just to make sure that there is no confusion: I just noticed that my signature hadn't been updated, so I changed it. Everything in my computer is up to date, and I try to keep it that way.


Many of the mentioned song files have been created with the system that you can now see in the corrected signature.

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Erm... Okay, I just got through that thread... I'm not very good at these folders, (sym)links, indexes and what not. I'm not really sure what was the actual solution. Seems stupid that renaming some folders is the key - doesn't that imply that there's something very very wrong in the original installation procedure?


When I installed LPX, everything worked. I have already made tens of songs, using Drummer, using all kinds of things. No problems whatsoever. And since I haven't changed anything, I'm very confused: if a song file worked ok a month ago, why is it not working now? Should I be worried? Does this mean that my hard drive is dying? Or has there been a smaller Logic update that has now messed up the whole thing?


Well, I try to wrap my head around this. I'll check the permissions, Spotlight and all. Let's see what happens. Thanks for your time!

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I really don't understand any of this, but suddenly, after a couple of days, the whole thing went away. Maybe there was something afoot in my hard drive. Maybe there was a larger indexing procedure halted and trying to continue... I don't know. Or maybe there still are some song files that will do the same when I happen to open them - but at the moment everything works fine.


From time to time, I've had some odd glitches in the OSX, stuff disappearing and reappearing. I'm just trying to trust it, when the Disk Utility says my hard drive is fine. And it's a fairly new computer altogether.


Usually with AppleCare, I end up with only one solution: "Hmm, that's strange." :-) Although occasionally it has been helpful, too. I guess I should contact them, if this problem reoccurs.



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