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Regions with up down arrows?


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Can anyone tell me what these are? Whenever I've encountered them they act funky and do weird things in my session.


Sometimes I'll drag and drop an audio file and it will appear with the up/down arrow symbol. In one session, this region ALWAYS causes a system overload error exactly once, and after it 'got that out of its system' it's fine.


I've also had a session converted from Pro Tools (as an AAF file), and when opened in logic, all regions had the same up/down arrow markings. The strange part was the regions in my arrangement did NOT match the audio in my bin. I was unable to drag out any regions, making them appear to be distinct audio files (several per track). But my bin made it seem as though each track was one long audio file, each with a gibberish name.


Please see the attached photo... and any info on these would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi David,


The apple loops is an interesting thought... as far as I can tell, none of the regions I've encountered are apple loops. Also, I thought the arrows implied a drop down menu like you said, but no menu pops up for any of them. Any other ideas?

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Interesting! Well, I changed the name of the audio file and dropped it in a new session, this time it landed without the up down arrows.


The strange thing is that I have tons and tons of files that end in numbers and it's only a very select few that do this. I'm also not sure how this affects AAF sessions I get from Pro Tools as I mentioned, since the actual files will be called something like "I Had A DrewhmdXWTFswscSJZW.wav" without numbers. Anyways, thanks for the info.

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