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Score Editor: Position of Rests [SOLVED]

Music Spirit

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Is there a way to shift the position of the rests in this piano part so that they are level with the C chord accompaniment and do not clash with the Melody?


I have used a 3 part/3 channel Score Style to try and indicate Melody + Accompaniment in the RH + Bass line


The problem is that I cannot make the rests in the right hand correspond to the chords they apply to - at the moment they are crushed into the melody


Also the bass part seems to have some kind of extra channel because there should not be rests ( as if there was another part)


Any help appreciated

Score Editor Rest Position.pdf

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There are whole note rests in every bar, even though all the voices are represented. That means that you are viewing two regions in Main on that one track (overlapping). That is why you've got what appears to be another channel in the bass (when in fact you have an extra channel in treble too).


That overlapping region has no music in it. There is only one additional (whole) rest in treble because both regions probably share the same "Piano 1+2/3" score style (where the second treble voice has hidden rests).


The score might also appear cleaner if the half notes in the bass are written at full value, unless there is a specific reason for a dotted quarter. In this example, the fourth half note in bass (bar 20) is written at full value, the others are not, and my first instinct is to read that as an inconsistent Logic Score interpretation instead of the composer's specific intent.

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Plowman many thanks to you as well! Your detailed comments are much appreciated - and I have cleaned up the score by making the half notes in the bass full value ( which gets rid of extraneous rests).


Also your point about the overlapping region solved the issue of why there were extra rests in the Bass clef


good to make your acquaintance here on this wonderful forum!

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