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Wave form image - how to get rid of this pop using pencil?


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Hi guys


This is an image from the editor with flex pitch turned on.


What we have is the letter l - followed by vowel followed by a k. The beginning of the k sound has no wave form? (no line) and is therefore causing a pop... how do I extend the line so that the pop is not there?


This happens a lot in flex pitch so if there is a way to get rid of this ( I am guessing using pencil tool) that would be pretty amazing.




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The waveform is the lighter gray shaded part in the background. The squiggly white line is the pitch curve.


Flex Pitch doesn't handle consonants well. I would recommend you try cutting the "K" as a new region in the Tracks area, and turn Flex off for that new region.



Thanks David!

This has been working for me so far. I was afraid of pops but if the cut is in parts where there are silences (the f sound 'affluent' for example) it works generally without pops.


Takes a bit of forward planning though because you lose flex pitch edits if you cut a region.

Good shout!


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