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Logic 9 can't find audio files after save


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So a major issue I'm having with a project..


Moved from Logic 8 on a G5 to Logic 9 on a new macPro. Very big live show (3 hours long) reopened on the original drive on my new system (via a SATA caddy). With no issues.


Began bouncing stems from the most recent version from the caddy, re-name the version as I bounce. Do some work on another project, re-open the "live show" project and Logic can't find a load of audio files. Press "skip all" and all the files I've bounced from so far are missing along with a few others. After a lot of searching it appears that the it's the overview of the files are no longer there and have been re-named as "preview #001-xxxx" etc etc.


If I open an earlier version of the project it works fine, anything I open thats recently saved I have loads of files missing. In the "media" window I get an exclamation mark next to the missing files, manually try to locate and the files don't exist on any drive. Or in the trash. If I save (either apple S or rename) I lose the files again...


Driving me MENTAL!!


Anyone got any light to shine?


Done a disk warrior and a disk utility...

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