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Melodyne and piano instrument and vocal editing [SOLVED]


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I like to edit vocals with melodyne and use a software piano instrument to play along and help edit vocals.

How can I keep piano instrument in focus and still edit melodyne?


going back to the piano track to click upon to activate is tedious.

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You can leave the instrument track selected while you edit your vocal in the Melodyne plug-in. The vocal track (where your Melodyne plug-in is loaded) does not need to be selected.


However, if you want to have freedom to select any track without losing the rec-enabled state of the instrument track, youcould open the environment window and patch a cable from the physical input object in the Click & Ports layer directly to the software instrument channel strip in the Mixer layer:




In this image I clicked the Sum port's connector while holding down the Option key to get the pop-up menu that allows one to make a cross-layer connection.



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