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Loading Exs24 audio files Logic 9


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Hi: I notice that each time I load a project. Logic 9 loads audio files for different instruments.

For instance "Steinway Piano" in the EXS24 and I also noticed it loaded the Pop Kit audio samples.

Is this normal?

After the first opening of a project this occurs.

Afterwards If I open another project using mostly the same instruments I don't see Logic 9 it doing this.


P.S I did a search for the answer but had no good results. Did not look thru all 2000+ Posts.

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I think there's another way, but the way I've always done it is by saving the project as a template and making a new project from that template. If it works the same way as Logic X (haven't tried this on 9) the project should be exactly same, including the regions.
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