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Beat Mapping - track gets displaced when beat mapping


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Hello everyone,


I did a beat map of a song where an audio file was my reference. I then created a MIDI track which plays back in sync with the audio track. Now, I'd like to readjust the beat mapping, but for some reason I can't beat map the transients I want, instead the track get's displaced when I try to adjust the beat map.

Does this ring a bell with someone? I am totally clueless at this point. Any suggestions?



bar 170.2 - 176 need to be remapped

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You can not just adjust the beat map. Everything after in time will get re-adjusted too and that is probably what you are experiencing.

The trick is to always work your way from the left to the right. If you need to redo something you will have to do it from that point and all the way out until the end marker.

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