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Hi Folks,


Long time lurker, frequent researcher, first time poster.


Like many of us, I use a template for mixing. That is, I have a preferred series of inserted plugins, routings, aux sends, effects, etc.


I've used one in Pro Tools for years, but now that I'm doing more writing and programming in LPX, I'm trying to avoid the time-suck PITA of bouncing everything out to PT for mixing.


So, my question: how can I load channel strip settings of only selected elements? Since I run everything virtually with softsynths, how can I load the "mixing settings" onto a strip without obliterating the sampler / soft synth? You know – plugins, aux sends, routing.


In PT you can choose exactly what to import from one session to the other, preserving some elements while overwriting others.


Am I SOL? How do you guys do it in your LPX mix templates?







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As far as I know you can only load/save the whole channel. Here's a workaround on Software Instruments though:


  • Duplicate the track (cmd-D)
  • On the original track, load your "mixing settings" with the "setting" button at the top of the channel strip
  • Cmd-drag the software instrument from the duplicate track to the original track
  • Delete the duplicate track.

It's a bit of a pain but at least it only needs to be done once per session..

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Atlas007, thank you. the patch merge feature looks promising. i'll check into it. apple even felt the need for a kb on it:




and FFT, yes, thanks for the workaround. i used to something similar when I only had PTLE at home. either your method, or routing all tracks to their own dedicated aux channels that had all the plugins on them, and could be easily imported on their own without obliterating the audio.

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