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Printing outboard gear with Logic


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For mixing, I've gotten to the point with workload and amount of outboard I have that I am starting to feel the pain of recalls and the time consumption and "inaccuracy" of of certain pieces of gear. Even with teaboy audio and iphone pics certain gear is just impossible to recall 100% like cl1b just as one example of gear which has very vague markings.


so I was wondering for people who work with a hybrid setup what is the best approach to printing outboard processing both eq/compression as well as effects. i have a hybrid system and i use logic 9 & X and have an apogee symphony system.


I also use analog summing so I have my whole mix coming back into the session as a print track from the stereo 2 analog bus chain I have which includes summing and hardware comp and eq etc.. Those i have to recall I get that but due to the nature of the stuff I use the recall is real easy. The individual channels are the hard part. In the mix I use the IO plug in on the channel inserts.


Due to CPU I always set my buffer size to 1012, and experience latency and if it wasn't for the I/O plug in automatic delay compensation plus the ping function it would all fall apart.



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