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ProX: Notes keep playing when I stop playing/ongoing problem


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When im playing with the musical typing or any of my keyboards the notes stay sustained and wont stop unless I press play. Its been a while since ive had the 10.6 update and ive had to uninstall and reinstall it a couple times and it worked for me but for some reason it keeps happening. Is anyone else having this problem?
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It is possibly a MIDI loop or problem with Control Surface in the Setup window.

Try bypassing all controller.

  • Temporarily disable your control surfaces
    • Choose Logic Pro > Control Surfaces > Bypass all Control Surfaces.

This command is useful for silencing motorized control surface faders when recording in the same room. It is also handy when troubleshooting MIDI data errors or for reducing MIDI bandwidth requirements.

:idea: BTW, you should post you system specs in you profile signature, as stated in Board rule #5. That woul help us helping you!

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