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Problem importing Garage Band project into Logic Pro 9.1.8


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I've done a project in Garage Band that I want to import into Logic Pro to mix. It opens the GB file okay, but the vocal track is out of tune with the instruments. It's recorded in D and plays fine in GB, but the Logic Pro import has somehow transposed the vocal track into E! Any ideas on how and what I do to fix it?
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Is the vocal the only audio track (and everything else a software synth)? Maybe the global tuning (for the project) in the garage band project is not at 440? Maybe it got switched in GB? Changing this setting will change the pitch (by percent) so even if that isn't the problem, it could be a workaround solution. Use a tuner to find out how far off the vocal track (or the other tracks are) and adjust the percent until things jive. Once you find the value you can edit/modify the pitch of the individual track (or tracks) that are off and bring the whole thing back to concert pitch.
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