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MIDI Clock Sync - Logic / Digidesign 002


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Hi Guys,


I'm new to the forum, so please direct my inquires to the correct thread, this this has already been discussed!!


I'm having issues getting a MIDI effect pedal to sync with Logic's tempo through the Digidesign 002 MIDI OUT 1. I assume I should see the MIDI OUT 1 light blinking on the front of the 002 in tempo, but I see no activity.. I must be missing something.. Can someone walk me through the steps to get Logic to send out the MIDI clock messages?


Also .. I assume its more than a start and stop code? Does logic send this info out during playback and record? Any way to get that syncro button on the transport bar to stay on? It keeps shutting itself off when I'm going between record and playback. Or stopping and playing.


Thanks so much for your help!!



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