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Need some expert advice


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I'd like some help from the experienced people on this terrific site. I suffered a massive heart attack AND a stroke that left me blind in one eye and unable to read easily. I have used Logic 8 for several years and I'm comfortable with its parameters. I know where the icons and functions that I use the most often when recording are located.


I want to go ahead and purchase Logic Pro X. I have a few basic questions before I make the purchase:


-- Can I install and use LPX directly from LP8 without installing LP9 first? (May be a dumb question, but one never knows....)


-- Will all "works in progress" on LP8 transfer smoothly to LPX with all the same sounds, automation, recording details, etc. that they are currently set on?


-- Are the functions located at least roughly on LPX to where they are on LP8 -- inspector, add track, split-by-playhead, mixer and plug-ins, automation? My biggest worry is that everything is somewhere else, and I will have real difficulty finding my commonly used parameters.


-- Can I use the same hardware/interface I'm using now with LP8? Do I need to add anything?


Once again, thanks for helping an old guy who still has a tone of music in his heart he wants to express to his friends and family...and of course, the World. :D This site is a Godsend.



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One thing you have to add right away is RAM if you only have 2 gigs. Otherwise you're gonna have a miserable experience with Logic X.


Things are somewhat different with Logic X.


Key commands changed, the name of certain things changed, and of course the color changed. Most of the local Arrange menu got moved to the top menu, few things stayed. Takes a little while to get used to.

Other things got cleaned up and just look different. So the functionality is pretty much the same.


L8 can coexist with LX. They're two different apps.


LX will save your L8 projects as new ones, so the original stays.

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Just got off the phone with a Mac tech...........said I'd need at least 4 gigs to run the new program. He sounded apologetic, but said that Apple is not responsible for third party programs (Logic, Photoshop, etc.) and apparently I'm going to have to cough up some money so I can continue to record from my heart what was not requiring money previously.


I guess I should have read the fine print. Nobody does. I seriously cannot. We all just click "agree" and get on with it.


Well, this time, we got burned in the behind.................

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