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Levels Uneven between 1-2 out & 7-8 in

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I'm using logic x, mac pro 6 core, enough ram, memory, etc. running maverick.

Logic x, Symphony 64 card, dangerous dbox, audio accessories patch bay.

So the dbox takes 4 stereo "stems" from logic and sums them in its analog realm, then shoots them back to logic via (in my setup) 7-8, then I use 9-10 (better known as Digital outs 1-2) to monitor thru the dbox's converters.


of those 4 stereo stems, anything I put through output 1-2 comes back into 7-8 with the left channel quite a bit lower in volume.(usually that's drums, but if I move the drums to 3-4 out, they get even, and all is well, but I'm supposed to have 4 sets of stems to sum, and def need them all to work right)


My question is:

What might be wrong between 1-2 out and 7-8 in? Everything Looks normal in my audio midi setup, although when i run the speaker test in it, they represent the uneven return i'm getting(right a bit louder than left).

Also can't see anything to fix in the maestro software, but I may be missing something there. I'm not sure.



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