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Hooking DTXexpressIV MIDI to logic pro 8.


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Hi there,

I'm just beginning to set up my home studio and having been trying to hook up my electronic drum kit ( YAMAHA DTX express iv) to logic pro 8. I use a superior drummer plug-in when in Logic.


The drum kit is transmitting via MIDI channel 10. For some reason, regardless of what MIDI channel (as compared to just channel 10/all) I select as incoming in the inspector tab of my software instrument, I notice that the drums can still b heard when the track is armed. Could anybody explain why? I'm under the impression that if another MIDI channel (e.g 9) is chosen, there shouldn't be a flow of MIDI information.


The reason is because I'm trying to hook up various controllers to logic and having dedicated channels is going to be helpful for live jam & recording.




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