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Rescans AU's after OSX upgrade 10.9.3


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I'm not sure why Logic can't remember it's AU cache in between .x OSX service updates, but can someone remind me what file I can restore from TIme Machine to get things back the way I had them? What a pain. . .

I think this is it:



I guess Time Machine doesn't back up the caches folder. Should have made a copy.

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Is there some way to get Time Machine to include these in backups? I guess not though since I can't even copy and paste that file when I try: (although I could copy and paste it using Pathfinder)

"One or more of the items may have been deleted or are no longer available."

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Today I lost Logic 9 AU's validation after updating a new Dev ver of 10.10.3, but I did not loose LogicX's Au cache. I replaced a backup of logic 9's cache file but it still insisted on scanning and validating 1400 plugins. I wonder why just overwriting the audiounits.cache file in Logic 9 didn't do anything. It was in USER/Library/Caches/com.apple.audiounits.cache. Is there some other file that also tells LP9 to rescan?
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If OSX thinks the cache is invalidated it will refresh it, regardless of whether the file is there (the whole point being that OSX is thinking that the contents of the file are outdated, or don't match the installed plugins, thus forcing a new AU scan).


It's a pain, but I'd say unless it's happening all the time, from time to time you might as well just make a cup of tea and let it get on with it. I would imagine a plugin collection that large would probably take, what, 45 minutes to complete..?

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