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Cannot route a signal completely out of Ultrabeat


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This morning, Logic began doing something strange.


I was setting up a sidechain through Ultrabeat, and had routed a kick through one of Ultrabeat's auxs (UB 18), and I was trying to then route that to Aux 5. Normally, 100% of the signal then goes from UB 18 to Aux 5, and I can mute Aux 5 and just use it as a sidechain. However....the signal STAYS in UB 18 even after I route it to Aux 5. So when I play it back with both tracks unmuted, it plays at twice the level and distorts, and when I mute Aux 5, the kick still plays through Ultrabeat (UB 18). WHYYYYY. It's making me rip my hair out. I've done this a million times before, but it's doing it this way just this one time. Does anyone have any insights?


I'm using Logic 9.1.8 on a Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard.

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try using a send to route your signal from the UB aux to the bus, and setting the output of your UB aux to no output. If you just want to use it as a side chain you can even send it out through a send, delete the aux track it makes, and mute the output of the UB aux. This just prevents excess bus tracks (I HATE excess busses).
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