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Issues (or perhaps misunderstandings?) with Playback plug-in


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Hey again all,


I'm having some trouble with a concert I've set up for a theatrical performance we're doing, and I can't decide if there's a feature implementation I'm missing, or if I've encountered a bug. Each musical cue is at the set level (pages of lyrics and notes are at the patch level), and occasionally when I switch from one set to another while Playback is still playing, the next instance automatically starts playing. I've gone down the list, pressing stop and return on every single track, and made sure that Start and Stop with Play Action is turned off for every instance, but it still happens sometimes. Further, it seems to happen if MainStage's clock is still in "Play" mode, and never when it's stopped. At one point, I was playing with TouchOSC and Logic Remote, so I had turned on Start and Stop with Play Action for a time, but gave it up hoping it would help solve the problem. I'd hate to have to reinstantiate Playback for each cue, reset markers, etc. if I can avoid it, but unless I'm misunderstanding something, I get the sense this is some buggy action. My concert from last year's show doesn't seem to have this problem, even in 3.0.3 (at the time, it was 2.2.x or 2.3.x. I forget).


Any ideas what I may be getting wrong?

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Okay, so far so good it seems, but I don't get it. For a time, I had the rehearsal/demo recordings grouped with the accompaniment tracks so that if my students were struggling, I could switch to the other to reinforce them on a dime, so each set had two instances of Playback grouped together, but that's no more. If there is only one instance of Playback per set, why would, say, Playback #2 start playing when I switch to set #2 just because Playback #1 in set #1 was still playing when I made the switch? I don't get why groups would have any bearing on matters when things are "isolated" like that.


Maybe I shouldn't question it and just be happy it works. But I'm curious. Thanks though CCT; you're a big help as always.

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